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Bemi Voyager Smartwatch

Built-in GPS | Water Resistant 50M | 120+Sport Modes | High-Precision Heart Rate Tracking | Advanced Sleep Monitoring |
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Bemi Voyager | Never Stop Exploring

The Perfect Balance Between Toughness And Functionality

Bemi Voyager provides a mega clear and comprehensive display with a diagonal of 1.32 inches and high-resolution 360x360 pix. The stainless steel bezel is tough enough to let you conquer any challenges. Packed with a black silicone band and brown leather band, switch your style from daily life to work out in a snap.

Accurate built-in GPS

Your Perfect Adventure Companion

Choos Voyager as your companion while doing any activity such as running, walking, cycling, climbing, etc., for accurate tracking and mapping of the route, distance traveled, and speed. Voyager has access to all four global satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou) to help you plan your perfect adventure.

50 Meter Water Resistance

Voyager is waterproof up to 50 meters and comes with dedicated swim-tracking features. Enjoy your Swimming and watersports anytime!

24/7 Accurate And Reliable Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise can be a quick indicator of how hard you're working, and it's essential to have a steady hold on your resting heart rate (how many times your heart beats per minute when you're just chilling). Bemi Voyager's heart rate measurements can better understand your fitness level and potential problems. The heart rate sensor uses the light from the LED to illuminate the wrist. Through the different blood flow rates and the associated light scattering, it monitors changes in heart rate and estimates blood pressure and its oxygen level.


Whether you’re a casual user pursuing a healthier lifestyle or an enthusiast looking to reach a new fitness level, you can consider Bemi Voyager in your workout routine. Voyager helps you track, monitor, and improve your workout performance. Thanks to the advanced tracking sensors, Voyager not only provides reliable and detailed tracking across a range of sports, as well as in-depth training and recovery analysis, plus intelligent features like music playback and map checking.

Built-in SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen tracking

Bemi Voyager SpO2 monitor feature lets you know the changing oxygen levels in your body. Blood oxygen levels readings can interpret how well you handle the increased activity. Your grades might drop low if you overdo it, which reminds you to take steps to keep it balanced. It is also an essential sensor for climbing to high elevations where the air is thinner.

With VO2max, Find Out Your Best Performance

Use VO2max to measure your cardio endurance. As the exercise gets more challenging, your body needs more oxygen to maintain its performance. VO2 max helps track users' personal best exercise performance records. It also allows user to compare their past achievements with what they have achieved recently and set new goals to improve upon these performances.

Understand Your Stress Levels

We all encounter stress, whether in some particular situations in our lives or just an exhausting day at work. Voyager uses physiological measurements to give you insight into all kinds of stresses you have. With one tap, you can get a better understanding of the strain and stress you're putting on your body to make informed choices for your better health.

Sleep Monitoring

Lack of sleep is a severe health problem and affects some more than others. Bemi Voyager offers professional sleep insight as one of the most practical features. It helps you track, record, and even analyze your sleep. The sleep curve in the paired application provides a detailed insight into your sleep habits helps to determine their quality. The Voyager records the time you sleep and wake up, the specific time and percentage of deep sleep, light sleep, and REM periods.

Relax And Take A Deep Breath

Breathing Training can help reduce stress levels and also make your lungs stronger.

Take a deep breath with Bemi Voyager and release all bad energy.

24/7 Track Your Fitness Day In And Day Out

Tracking your activity level—no matter how much or how little—is something we’ve all grown accustomed to. With the built-in sensor, BEMI OLE counts your daily movement steps and tracks your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories). Keeping track of the distance you cover in a day can significantly impact your health.

Choose Or Customize A Clockface To Reflect Your Style

Voyager has 8 built-in clock faces. Additionally, 70 clock faces are available via the Zeroner app *. * User can add only one clock face at a time. And also, you can customize your watch face anytime.

Keep Track 0f Your Daily Performances

Voyager is compatible with Android (4.4 or newer) and iOS (9.0 or newer) operating systems. Connect to the "ZERONER" application to track and analyze all health and fitness activities indicators are available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Others Function

120+ sports modes / 70 clock faces to choose from from the application / Phone photo on the clock face / Movement reminder /Compass / Sleep monitoring / Camera and music control on the phone / stopwatch and timer / Find phone / Do not disturb / Notification / Event Reminder / Weather / Alarm clock / Activity status

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