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Bemi Tracker Smartwatch

1.32 Inch Full Touch HD screen | Personal Assistant | Health And Fitness Tracking | 24 SPORTS MODES
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Attractive Design For Active People

Tracker provides a mega clear and wide display with a diagonal of 1.32 inches and high-resolution 360x360 pix.

In addition, a reinforced metal housing and IP68 water resistance. Bemi Tracker is the perfect partner for active people!


Tracker Informs about the number of steps we have walked on a given day, distance and calories burned.


24 sport modes allow you to adjust the program to your needs. The modes provide a complete set of data that allows you to monitor and analyze the results of your activity. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so using this function is pure pleasure.


Lack of sleep is a serious health problem and affects some more than others. Bemi Tracker offers professional sleep insight as one of the most practical features. It helps you track, record, and even analyze your sleep. The sleep curve in the paired application provides a detailed insight into your sleep habits helps to determine their quality. The tracker records the time you go to sleep and wake up, the specific time and percentage of deep sleep, light sleep, and REM periods.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

The optical heart rate sensor uses light from LEDs to illuminate the wrist and monitors changes in heart rate through the different blood flow rates and the associated light scattering. The tracker has a 24-hour heart rate monitoring mode. All data is saved in the Gloryfit app. The app shows you a graph of your heart rate throughout the day. Additionally, it shows the percentage of heart rate in the following ranges: rest, relaxation, fat burning, cardio, anaerobic heart rate, extreme heart rate.

Monitor two health indicators

Bemi Tracker has an innovative sensor that measures blood pressure and oxygen saturation (SpO2). High blood pressure puts you at risk of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. Saturation (SpO2) to monitor the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, helps to assess the effectiveness and progress of exercise. If the saturation level is too low, it can also indicate health problems, for example with the lungs. Get to know yourself better to monitor your health or adjust your exercises better. * Measurements of heart rate, pressure and oxygen saturation performed by the device are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or medical consultation, and are intended only for the purposes of general physical condition and well-being.

Breath With TRACKER

Breathing exercise can help reduce stress levels and strengthen the lungs. Take a deep breath with Tracker and release all the bad energy.

Customize Your Clock Face Any Time

Tracker has five built-in watch faces. Additionally, 137 watch faces are available via the GloryFit app *. *

Only one disc can be added at a time.


Thanks to IP68 protection, you can freely use the watch during activity in the gym and outdoors. The device is resistant to dust, moisture and short-term immersion in water.

Compatible with smartphones

The tracker is compatible with smartphones with Android (4.4 or newer) and iOS (9.0 or newer) operating systems. It is operated by the "GloryFit" application, which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store

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