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Bemi TER2 Smartwatch

Thermomiter smartband, 1.3 inch IPS screen, IP67, multisport activity tracker, call and messages notification, heart rate sens
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From boosting your mood to improving your life, Keep On Moving! TER2 has a set of sports modes that allow you to pick the program to keep track of your daily exercise. The modes provide a complete set of data to monitor and analyze the activity results. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes using this function very easy.


Five sport modes allow you to adjust the program to your needs | The modes provide a complete set of data to monitor and analyze the results of the activity | The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so using this function is pure pleasure


Surface temperature - measures the temperature of the skin | Body Temperature - measures the temperature inside the body | Temperature monitoring - examines and records your body temperature at regular intervals, alerts you if your temperature is too high or too low.


The heart rate sensor, which uses light from the LED to illuminate the wrist, monitors changes in heart rate through the different blood flow rates and the associated light scattering. This allows you to monitor your heart rate during the day and track its changes during physical activity. Thanks to the built-in algorithm, the device also provides an approximate value of the oxygen level in the blood and the pressure.


The smartwatch is compatible with Android (4.4 or newer) and iOS (8.0 or newer) operating systems. It is used by the "FitCloudPro" application, which is available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store.


When the phone receives an SMS or Facebook message, Smartband will notify you and allow you to check its content without reaching for the phone. It will also notify you of incoming phone calls and missed calls.

Others Functions

Sports modes / over 50 clock faces to choose from the app / Phone photo on the clock face / Movement reminder / Alarm / Water drinking reminder / Sleep monitoring / Phone camera control / Stopwatch / Automatic health monitoring / Find device / Rights- Left hand / Time format / Special features for women / The device works with Apple Health / The application on the phone has the function of recording activity along with GPS position tracking (requires carrying the phone with you)

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