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Bemi REMO Smartwatch

Control home appliances from anywhere | Health And Fitness Tracking | 7 SPORTS MODES | 1.69 inch HD Display | Personal Assist
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Make Your Home Smarter With Bemi REMO

One click control on your wrist

Bemi Remo can help you to control by one click many scenarios of smart home devices thru Tuya Smart application

Create your own colorful lighting experience

Let smart lighting bring you to any scene experience beyond your imagination in your home. You can combine the lights freely to customize your home linkages. The integration of light control, motion sensing, and app control will bring you a smarter lighting experience. You can relax or entertain your guests with a light show by syncing the lights with your favorite tunes. There are multiple preset smart lighting scenarios in Tuya Smart. Create and then control Bemi Remo.

Leaving-home Mode

The leaving-home mode can be enabled with one tap to create a scenario that looks like you are home while you are actually not, so as to protect your home from burglaries.

Control your electricity costs

Gain insight into energy consumption and make energy-saving and eco-friendly choices. Turn on or off home lightning, and home appliances in various scenarios to save electricity and money.

Control your smart garden, lighting and outdoor equipment

Set watering cycle to free your hands, Enable Outdoor plug, set garden and outdoor areas lighting scenarios according to time of day.

Bring your family members joy and more splendid outdoor / garden life.

Control any smart home appliances

Refresh yourself with healthy and cozy home life In wintertime control heaters, tower racks, and electric fireplaces to create a warm and snug home.

Group your smart appliances, to build a more convenient

and high-quality smart life

It would be so nice to have a cup of coffee and submerge yourself in a bathtub full of hot water and be surrounded by a cozy, relaxing amber light after you finish an exhausting workout. By installing Tuya smart devices at your home, customize your home with the routine sense 'Relax Home Mode'' you want through using our Tuya app and sync the data with your REMO smartwatch. Every day when you are on your way back home, activate ''Relax Home Mode'' on your REMO smartwatch. When you arrive home, a cup of coffee and hot water bath with romantic light will be waiting for you. You can customize different smart senses home options you want to activate by adding Tuya smart devices. Click on your Remo smartwatch, and control everything with one touch. Making your life smarter is so easy!

REMO Smart Pet Scene Control

Automatic as well as reliable food and water dispensing options put owners' minds at ease. By adding Tuya smart pet devices, create ''Feeding mode'', ''Cleaning mode'','' Playful mode'' options to keep an eye on your loving pet. No matter how busy you are there is no need to worry since your smart gadgets will take care of them.


Thanks to IP67 protection, you can freely use the watch during activities both in the gym and outdoors. The device is resistant to dust, moisture and short-term immersion in water.

Not only control your smart life, Let’s move

Tracking your activity level—no matter how much or how little—is something we’ve all grown accustomed to. With the built-in sensor, BEMI OLE counts your daily steps and also measures your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories) keeping track of the distance you cover in a day can greatly impact your health.

Choose A Sport, And start your challenge

Whether you’re a casual user pursuing a healthier lifestyle or an enthusiast looking to reach a new level of fitness, you can consider Bemi Voyager in your workout routine. Voyager helps you track, monitor, and improve your workout performance.

Sleep Monitoring

Lack of sleep is a severe health problem and affects some more than others. Bemi Remo offers professional sleep insight as one of the most practical features. It helps you track, record, and even analyze your sleep. The sleep curve in the paired application provides a detailed insight into your sleep habits and helps to determine their quality.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate sensor uses the light from the LED to illuminate the wrist and through the different blood flow rates and the associated light scattering, monitors changes in heart rate and estimates blood pressure and oxygen level.

Monitor The Two Health Indicators

High blood pressure puts you at risk of significant health issues, including heart attacks, stroke, and kidney disease. Know yourself better in order to adjust your exercise, BEMI Tracker has an innovative sensor that measures your blood pressure throughout the day and night, the blood oxygen(Sp02) sensor for monitoring blood oxygen saturation levels, which can help gauge how your body is absorbing oxygen.

*Data only for reference


Breathing exercise can help in reducing stress levels as well as strengthen lungs.Take a deep breath with REMO

and release all the bad energy.

Control Your Home Smart Devices & Keep Track 0f Your Daily Performances

The smartwatch is compatible with smartphones with Android (4.4 or newer) and iOS (9.0 or newer) operating systems.

It is operated by the "Tuya" application, which is available for download from the App Store or

Google Play Store.Store lub Google Play Store.

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