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Bemi ODI Smartwatch

CG + PPG testing smartband, 1,3 inch full touch IPS screen, multisport activity tracker, call and messages notification, heart r
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Activity Tracker

Tracking your activity level—no matter how much or how little—is something we’ve all grown accustomed to. With the built-in sensor, BEMI ODI counts your daily steps and also measures your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories)

keeping track of the distance you cover in a day can greatly impact your health.

Advanced Sensors

Silicon Lab SI1182 - PPG + ECG sensors consisting of 4 LEDs with an accurate receiver for testing heart rate,

blood pressure, blood oxygen and 2 electrodes for ECG testing

BODY STATUS Monitoring

Heart rate and blood pressure can be check as one test or as all day automatic monitoring. Blood oxygen levels can be measured as one test or periodic monitoring during sleep. Sleep monitoring to manage and improve the quality of your resting. ECG test to assess the work of the heart and detect its possible disorder.


Lack of sleep is a serious health problem and affects some more than others. Bemi VEN offers professional sleep insight as one of the most practical features. It helps you track, record and even analyze your sleep. The sleep curve in the paired application provides a detailed insight into your sleep habits, helps to determine its quality. VEN records the time you go to sleep and when you wake up, the specific time and percentage of deep sleep, light sleep, and REM periods.


Blood Pressure | Blood Oxygen | Heart Rate Sensor | ECG TEST


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